Micromedex Mobile

The following 3 Micromedex mobile apps are available through our institutional subscription.

Free Micromedex® Drug Reference for Internet Subscribers    

A resource providing clinical care professionals with on-the-go access to the industry’s most trusted drug information on 4500+ search terms.

Micromedex Drug Interactions  

A resource for on-the-go access to clinical reference information, enabling clinicians to check a patient’s entire medication list simultaneously for potentially harmful interactions and view severity ratings that range from contraindicated to minor.

Micromedex® IV Compatibility  

A resource for on-the-go access to clinical reference information, helping clinicians interpret conflicting compatibility results by identifying contributing factors such as the physical compatibility, storage, study period, container and chemical stability.

Online Access to Micromedex from a web browser    

Access, via the web from an non-university network, to our institutional subscription of the Micromedex online content is also available. 

The username and password login information, for the above listed apps and the online access, can be obtained by going to the Ebling Library homepage, under the TOP DATABASES section click on Micromedex.  From the Micromedex Solutions page click the box labeled Download Mobile Apps.

Note: The password for online access to Micromedex changes quarterly, and the passwords for the Apps change annually.  When needed, new passwords can be obtained by going back to the Download Moblie Apps site.

Page last updated: May 26, 2015
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