BrowZine FAQ

BrowZine is a tool that allows you to browse, read and organize journals. UW-Madison faculty, staff, residents and students have access to BrowZine using a valid NetID.

Desktop Access

Apps for Your Device

Available on the app store

All iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches with iOS v8.x+
Android App on Google Play

Android Tablets and Smartphones with OS v4.1+
Available at Amazon App Store for Google Android

Kindle Fire HD Tablets

Keep your desktop and mobile apps synchronized: BrowZine account sync instructions

What's a BrowZine account?
A BrowZine account allows you to view the journals you’ve saved on “My Bookshelf” across mobiles devices and your desktop client.

What's My Bookshelf?
My Bookshelf allows you to save and quickly peruse the journals you want to read. To add journals to My Bookshelf, select “BrowZine Library” from the footer in BrowZine and begin searching for helpful journals.

Do I need a BrowZine account if I only use it on my computer (desktop client) or one mobile device?
No. Creating an account is not necessary if you only use BrowZine on a computer or mobile device.

Is every journal UW-Madison subscribes to included in BrowZine?
In short, no. Many journals are, particularly larger publications, but smaller or very specialized journals may not be available.  University of Wisconsin-Madison has around 10,000 journals available in BrowZine. Over 4,500 of these titles are biomedical sciences journals. Here’s a list of the journal publishers that BrowZine indexes.
Note: UW-Madison may not subscribe to every journal in this list. 

Can I download articles from BrowZine?
If you have an active NetID and a current Wiscard, you should be able to download articles from BrowZine. If don’t want to read articles directly in BrowZine, you can download them to another reader. Alternatively, you can export citations to your EndNote, Zotero or Mendeley account.

Are there any videos to help me get started?
Yes! We’ve created three videos with health sciences patrons in mind to get you started - check out our YouTube BrowZine playlist.

I have more questions!
Please contact us for more info at our Ask a Librarian page. We also recommend checking out BrowZine’s FAQ from Third Iron:

Page last updated: January 6, 2017
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