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The Browsing Corner is an email bulletin designed to spark interest in some of the rare and unique items in the historical collection.  It is a brief document that in each issue will feature one book from the collection, provide some historical background on its author and topic, and then examine some of our copy's interesting attributes. Each issue will be archived on this site.

The name "The Browsing Corner" is taken from a memo distributed in the 1930s to the medical students from the Medical Library Committee featuring people like William Snow Miller and Hans Reese.  This committe, in an attempt to spark an interest in history among the med students, set up a shelf with classic medical titles in the lobby of their classroom space that they called the Browsing Corner.  This email bulletin is an attempt to re-capture the inviting spirit the original Browsing Corner represented.

Current Issue

Number 14
Swiss and German Medical School Thesis Collection

Previous Issues

Number 13
The Drunkard's Looking Glass

Number 12
Healthy Living

Number 11
De Arte Gymnastica Libri Sex

Number 10
De Medicine Claris Scriptoribus

Number 9
Klinike, or, The Diet of the Diseased

Number 8
La Commare Oriccoglitrice

Number 7
An Account of the Principle
Lazarettos in Europe


Number 6
Opera Varia

Number 5
De Formato Foetu

Number 4
De Balneis

Number 3
Physica Curiosa

Number 2
Spiegel Der Artzny

Number 1
Isogogae Breves

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