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THOMAS POLE. The Anatomical Instructor

THOMAS POLE. The Anatomical Instructor; Or, An Illustration of the Modern and Most Approved Methods of Preparing and Preserving the Different Parts of the Human Body, and of Quadrupeds, by Injection, Corrosion, Maceration, Distention, Articulation, Modelling, &c. London, 1790.

Shelley’s monster is an amalgamation of monstrous features, pieced together to create a new being. Frankenstein therefore raises many questions regarding the role and use of human body parts in science. Pole’s work, written some 30 years before Frankenstein, describes the then current techniques to preserve parts of the body for later study. The illustration displayed here shows a method for injecting a body part with quicksilver (mercury) in order to prevent drying and to preserve the fine detail of vessels.

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