Frankenstein exhibit logo woodcut from Elements of Galvanism

C.H. WILKINSON. Elements Of Galvanism, In Theory and Practice : With a Comprehensive View of its History, From the First Experiments of Galvani to the Present Time; Containing Also, Practical Directions For Constructing the Galvanic Apparatus, and Plain Systematic Instructions For Performing All the Various Experiments; Illustrated With a Great Number of Copper-Plates. London, 1804.

Wilkinson’s work provides an overview of galvanic theory and describes the experiments Galvani conducted with electrical current. This illustration depicts Galvani’s early experiments: “The muscular contractions induced by the influence of a small portion of electricity, were strongly manifested in the experiment which led Galvani to his important discovery…. A B is a plate electrical machine; C the prime conductor; D a brass ball held at a distance of two or three inches from the prime conductor by an assistant; W the experimenter, with a prepared frog, E.”

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