WMJ Physician Obituary Database

The following index is a listing of obituaries printed in the State Medical Board of Wisconsin's official publication, the Wisconsin Medical Journal (WMJ) from 1903 until 2008. While every effort has been taken to ensure all obituaries have been noted, some entries may have been missed.

If you would like a copy of an obituary listed, please contact your inter-library loan department at your local public library or college/university, or you are welcome to view the journal in person at Ebling Library. The call number for WMJ is Q 7W73. (Please see Historical Services staff for volumes 1-32.)

The index includes the following information:

  • Name
  • Place of Death (POD: this may be different than "last place of residence")
  • DOD (date of death)
  • Volume
  • Page(s)
  • Additional Information (such as previous residence or biographical information)

Additional Notes: Deciphering the "*" in the additional information field:

  • For the years, 1953-55, only obituaries printed in December are included. All other monthly issues are not included with volume.
  • For the years, 1957-1958, obituaries are listed in separate "supplements" with the volume.
  • For the years, 1959-61, a listing of deceased is located within the December issue index. Separate "supplements" accompany the volume, however, some of these issues may be missing.
  • For the years 2004 onward, WMJ no longer prepared obituaries. An abbreviated "In Remembrance" box replaced full obituaries. This new section is infrequent and may contain minimal information, including incorrect POD information.

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