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Federal Public Access Compliance Made Easy

Federal agencies require the published results of funded research to be made publicly accessible. Final, peer-reviewed manuscripts deposited through this site will be submitted to funders' repositories on behalf of authors and principal investigators to fulfill public access requirements.

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Why use BuckySubmit?

BuckySubmit provides researchers with a time-saving, one-step service that submits their soon-to-be-published manuscripts for them. This service helps federal grant recipients meet public access compliance rules for their publications. Manuscripts deposited with BuckySubmit are reviewed by experienced public access staff prior to submission to ensure they meet federal funders’ requirements.

What is the BuckySubmit process?

Depositing a manuscript through BuckySubmit only takes a few minutes. Grant recipients simply have to indicate who they are, which federal agencies are funding their publication, and provide a copy of their final, peer-reviewed manuscript. We’ll take care of the rest. Manuscripts, supplementary material, and publication information are typically submitted to funders within one business day.

How will I know when the submission process is complete?

In many instances, researchers submitting manuscripts will automatically receive a submission notification by their funders, regardless of who actually submits. We will also send you a follow-up email upon submission to your funder's repository.

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NIH Public Access Requirements

Fast and painless navigation of the submission process - check our our NIH Public Access Compliance guide.

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Other Federal Agency Public Access Requirements

An agency-by-agency guide to current procedures.

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How to Submit to the NSF

Learn how to meet the NSF’s investigator-focused public access terms.

BuckySubmit is a service provided by Ebling Library for the use of UW-Madison faculty, staff and students. The Ebling Library staff are committed to the proper submission of scholarly materials to federal agencies and in meeting public access requirements. The use of BuckySubmit is the first step in the compliance process and, while we will help you as much as we can, full compliance with all federal public access requirements is the responsibility of grantees.