My NCBI: New Features, New Navigation, and My Bibliography

The National Library of Medicine’s Technical Bulletin announces there are several new features on the My NCBI Sign In page to help users easily access their accounts. These changes include:

  • Remember my username
  • I forgot my username
  • Options for My NCBI partner organizations
  • Preferences
  • Common Preferences
  • PubMed Preferences
  • My Saved Data
  • Search Filters
  • My Saved Searches
  • My Collections
  • Create Bibliographies
  • Manage Bibliographies – view, update, and replace

Other Changes

There is no longer a limit to the number of saved searches or collections per account. Some preferences have changed:

  • There are now two choices for Links display; the default Popup Menu or Plain Links.
  • There are now four choices for single citation display: AbstractPlus (the default), Abstract, Citation, or MEDLINE.
  • There are several more color choices for highlighting search terms in results.