“It’s Good For You,” is in the News!

In conjunction with the UW campus Go Big Read initiative, Ebling Library’s Historical Services Unit installed an exhibition last September entitled, It’s Good for You, 100 Years of the Art & Science of Eating.” Its purpose was to investigate the role of authority in the dietary choices we have made over the last century. Since that time hundreds of people have come to view the print dominant displays (there are some artifacts as well), reading and learning about the history of Kellogg and his cornflakes, the history of the food pyramid, the place of Victory Gardens in the supply of food during the two World Wars, the evolution of dietetics in universities, the history of Thanksgiving in America, and the like. Entire classes have talked about advertising and food choices and read the journal on display that has people’s anecdotes about crossing the Illinois border for illicit margarine.

Recently the Capital Times ran a story and a short video on the exhibit- which is closing on Tuesday, April 6th. It can be viewed in the Historical Reading Room on the 3rd floor of Ebling. Contact Micaela for additional information: msullivan@library.wisc.edu