New options for My NCBI log-in

My NCBI now allows users to sign in via a partner organization’s account. Partner organizations include research organizations and commercial Web sites that use either an InCommon or OpenID standard to authenticate users, and Google, PayPal, eRA Login (NIH), NIH Login and UW – Madison. The full list (and FAQs) are at

To link a partner organization to an existing My NCBI account: go to My NCBIi/. From here, you may log in to your existing account, or you may choose a partner organization (such as Google) from the list on the right. You will be asked to sign into your partner account; then you will be asked either to sign into an existing My NCBI account, or to create a new My NCBI account. The next time you log in to My NCBI, you may use your existing My NCBI password, or you may use the username and password for your linked partner account.

You may also add linked partners to your account if you are already logged in. To do so:

  1. go to
  2. Under “Preferences, select “Common Prefernces
  3. Select “Linked Accounts”
  4. Select your desired partner organization from the list, and provide the requested information. You may have multiple linked accounts (e.g., Google and eRA Commons, or PayPal and UW – Madison).