My NCBI Tool to Replace eRA Commons for Bibliographic Management

Attention eRA Commons-My NCBI Users!

eRA Commons has partnered with the National Center for Biotechnology
Information (NCBI) to link NCBI’s personal online tool, “My NCBI,” to
Commons. My NCBI offers an online portal-“My Bibliography”-for users to
maintain and manage a list of all of their authored works, such as
journal articles, manuscripts accepted for publication, books, and book
chapters. As of April 2010, linking a Commons account to a new or
existing My NCBI account allows references saved in My Bibliography to
automatically appear in users’ Commons accounts.

The entire Notice is available at:

As of July 23, 2010, PD/PIs will be unable to enter citations manually
into eRA Commons and must use My NCBI’s “My Bibliography” tool to manage
their professional bibliographies.Watch for training on this new process in August!

Questions about this? Contact Julie Schneider,