Water Bottle Refilling Station a Big Success

Last spring, on the advice of our staff, Ebling Library installed an Elkay water bottle refiller on the 2nd floor water fountain. We hoped to reduce the number of plastic bottles being thrown into land fills and to tackle the difficulties of refilling a small-mouthed bottle from a conventional water fountain spout. Laudatory comments have ranged from surprise over the convenience of use, to gratitude for addressing the hydration needs of the patrons, especially those that spend a lot of time in the Library and don’t want to continually purchase water. Said a returning medical student, “LOVE it- it’s so much better than a regular drinking fountain.” Another patron suggested that it was just one more thing that made Ebling Library “great!” So on your next visit, take a right as you enter the Library, put your water bottle up to the refilling spout and watch the “bottles saved” ticker advance; doing a little something for you and our environment. Suggestions of your own?

Photo by Amanda Lambert