Welcome Back

The spring semester is upon us. We know that is it cold outside, but hopefully Ebling’s environs are warm and comfortable. Remember, there are group study rooms that you can reserve if you need enhanced quiet space. (And a white board).

The 3rd floor of Ebling is designated as a quiet zone, including the areas on the UW Hospital side. Like Ebling on Facebook if you’d like to keep track of when spring drop-in workshops and other HSLC/Ebling events are occurring. Remember, you can check out lap tops, head sets, cameras, look for lost items, ask for help with Reserves…from any staff member at the 2nd floor Service Desk. If you need a study break, visit the historical exhibit on the 3rd floor. Fallout: The Mixed Blessing of Radiation & the Public Health is open until April 7th.

We have specialty librarians called liaisons, reference librarians, tenacious service desk help and a staff whose goal it is to make your time at Ebling comfortable and productive.

If you feel that the quiet is being compromised, if something is wrong with your surroundings, if there is something amiss in the restrooms…let us know. Concerns, issues, compliments?

Welcome back, and let us know if we can help. Ask-a-Librarian

Photo (enjoying the winter sunshine) by Ebling’s Amanda Lambert. We found out who the students are: May Tun (M2) and Wint Wai (M1). Thanks to J.B.