Ebling is Here For You

There is a rich heritage of stress at this time of year. We know you want to be done and get out of here. But till then, we want to help you buckle down and study.

As always, Ebling staff is here to lend you a lap top, direct you to just the right database, show you how to put all your footnotes in a citation database. We have reservable group study rooms, quiet space in the Historical Reading Room on the 3rd floor, earphones for loan, calming views from the second floor seats, document delivery if something you need is at another library and hours to accommodate your study time.

If other patrons are disrupting your work flow, or you need resource assistance, please let us know. And, we will try to have snacks throughout the week to keep your blood sugar up. Concerns? Go to the Service Desk on the 2nd floor or contact us here.