Welcome Back, Space News, and Heads Up

Welcome back from the holidays, from adventures, from your families, from, perhaps, life outside of Ebling for the last few weeks.

Please remember that Ebling staff is ready to help with online resources, headsets, data management strategies, historical material, printer snafus, or helping to find a quiet space for studying. Let us know how we can help.

We realize that our enhanced, shared space (Interactive Learning Center, Standardized Patients Suites) can get rather noisy on the 3rd floor. There is also a chance that the Historical Reading Room (HRR), on the 3rd floor, is being used for activities during study time. Hours are posted when the room is being used, so that you can plan ahead for alternate space.

Though such disruptions are the nature of shared space, please know that we are also working on enhanced table lighting in the HRR, and on sound deadening measures between Ebling and the shared space. Still, if noise or distraction is an issue, do let us know.

In more frivolous, but crucial to your artistic side, news, we plan on having the Valentine Making Table available again this year. This popular activity will likely be at Ebling’s entrance or in Room 2320, just adjacent to the entrance. You’ll be able to glitter and glue to your heart’s content. Sort of like Kofi (now a 4th year med) and Karissa (PA) student did last year. Look for it February 11th through the 14th.