New PubMed is Coming

In early 2020, PubMed will be rolling out an updated version complete with a new interface and search features, but you can start using it now.

If you’ve used PubMed at all recently you may have noticed a banner on the PubMed home page advertising the “New PubMed” and an invitation to try it.

PubMed is currently undergoing changes with a new interface and some new search features, though much of PubMed’s functionality will remain the same. The exact date of the new PubMed’s official launch has not yet been released, but users can already utilize the new interface right now. In fact, users can switch back and forth between the current and new interfaces until the National Library of Medicine officially switches over to the new one.

Note: if you decide to start using the new PubMed now, that will become your default PubMed interface, though you can go back to the old one.

Ebling is working on training and will communicate more information as we get closer to the roll-out. If you have questions, just let us know.