Advancing Equity for Muslim Physicians in the Healthcare Workforce (webinar on 10/7/2022)

Workplace discrimination adversely impacts minority physicians’ career trajectories and well-being, and in so doing threatens health and healthcare equity. Although diversity, equity and inclusion programs have made great strides in countering discrimination based on gender, sexual and racial identity at the workplace, religious identities remain overlooked and understudied. Yet, religion is important to many physicians and aligning religious identity with one’s professional role can improve patient care and physician well-being. Muslim Americans are routinely subject to stereotyping, bias and discrimination. This webinar sheds light on the experiences of American Muslim physicians with religious discrimination and accommodation at work. Drawing upon over a decade of research the webinar will provide statistical insights into the prevalence, types, and impacts of religious discrimination. A diverse panel of experts will further uplift the voices of this marginalized population to discuss practical strategies by which to advance equity and religious identity accommodation in healthcare.

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