This Virus is Deadly

Jenn Johnson, BS, BSN, RN
UW Hospital and Clinics, Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit


It’s not safe to leave your home.

To go to the park, jogging, parties, church, the grocery store, or school.

This virus is deadly.


Daily news of innocent lives lost.

Photos, videos, and memorials flood our screens.

Tears in our eyes for those beautiful lives that have been taken.

A collective mourn at yet another death.

This virus is deadly.


A plea to find a cure.

Too many innocent lives have already been lost.

Brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, partners, grandparents, children, neighbors, coworkers.

We can’t endure another death.

This virus is deadly.


People have tired of this destructive virus.

Across the world, protests in the streets and outside government buildings.

Signs demanding freedom, justice, action.

This virus is deadly.


There’s only one way to destroy this virus.

We must stand united. Raise your hand.

Raise your voice.

Shout your demands. Systemic change, accountability, zero tolerance, justice, reform.


This virus is dead.