Editor’s Note, Spring 2022

Dear Reader,

Welcome to our fourth issue, Spring 2022. As I write this here in Wisconsin, we are in the thick of early spring: snow began the week and summer-like conditions will end it. Which is what spring is: a dance between winter and summer, with days that snow and days that warm, a cautious but steady lightening from long stretches of darkness, and yet not fully defined by its neighboring seasons but rather, a time all its own of transition and awakening, birth and bloom.

In many ways, the pieces in this issue reflect the push-and-pull feeling that encompasses much of spring: some pieces have glimpses into what is ahead while some look at what is behind, others include both. There are some works that are shatteringly heart-wrenching and breathtaking in their precision; others are loose and light, soft and warm. We find pieces that interact with the non-human natural world and pieces that engage in the struggles and successes of humanity; there is both buoyant color and staid black and white. There are questions and answers; change and stasis; tension and ease.

So I invite you to explore these many-layered pieces individually as well as enjoy them as a complex whole, much like spring itself, and marvel at the creations that members of our community have birthed into the world.

Be safe and be well.


Lia Vellardita
Managing Editor