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About the InfoCommons

The InfoCommons is spread across both floors of the Ebling Library along the Atrium window. It is the result of a merging between the Ebling Library and the HSLC InfoLab, providing an integrated environment for library and information technology staff, services, and resources. It is open to the entire UW-Madison Community (currently enrolled students, faculty and staff of all schools). Access to the InfoCommons workstations requires logging in with a UW ID number.

The InfoCommons offers a variety of resources and services, including:

Use of the InfoCommons computers must be consistent with the University's mission and with its role as a public agency. For more information, please see the Policy for Appropriate Use of UW-Madison Information Technology Resources.


There are 115 desktop workstations spread throughout the Ebling Library. From all workstations, you can access the internet, search a variety of databases and open/edit Microsoft Office applications. You may also view DVDs, listen to CDs and use mini USB hard drives.

InfoCommons Workstations
UW ID required

  • 60 iMacs - Dual Boot (Windows 7 or MacOS 10.6) - Individual Student Workstations

    21.5" Monitor; 2.5 GHz Intel Quad Core i5; 4GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6750 (512MB-DDR5) Graphics, DVD+-RW Optical Drives, SDXC Card Reader, Firewire 800 port, Thunderbolt port

    available software

  • 12 iMacs - Dual Boot (Windows 7 or MacOS 10.6) - Collaborative Student Workstations

    27" Monitor; 2.7 GHz Intel Quad Core i5; 4GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6770 (512MB-DDR5) Graphics, DVD+-RW Optical Drives, SDXC Card Reader, Firewire 800 port, 2 Thunderbolt ports

    available software

Public Access Workstations
No UW ID required; limited software available

Other Equipment

We have a variety of equipment available for use within the InfoCommons (for services outside of the library, see HSLC Classroom/AV Services):

* = available for checkout

  • 50 Macbook Pro Dual Boot Laptops*
  • 3 iPads (1st Gen)*

Audio/Video Equipment (details)

  • 1 Panasonic MiniDV Camcorder (Tripod checkout available)*
  • 4 Canon FS31 Digital Camcorders (Tripod checkout available) *
  • 1 Canon VIXIA HF11 High Def. Camcorder (Tripod checkout available)*
  • 2 Casio XJ-A140 Projectors (1 Day Checkout Only)*
  • 2 Fujifilm FinePix AX200 (12 megapixel)*
  • 10 Zoom H2 Portable Recorder Microphones*

Miscellaneous Equipmemnt

  • 4 Epson V500 Flatbed Scanners
  • 4 HP-P4015 Black & White Laser Printers
  • 1Sharp MX2600N Color Laser Printer
  • 1 Nikon Coolscan 5000 High Resolution Slide Scanner
  • 35mm slide viewer
  • VCR/TV carts (group study rooms)
  • Cassette players*
  • Laser pointer*
  • Headphones*
  • 2 Logitech USB Microphones *
  • Cables & Adapters:
    • Network Ethernet Cables*
    • 12' VGA/Audio Cables*
    • Firewire Cable*
    • Palm Hot-Sync cables*
    • Power Adapters (Dell PA-10 90W)*
    • Power Adapter (Apple MagSafe 60W)*
    • Power Outlet Strip (6' cord)*
    • Laptop Cable Locks*
    • Mini DisplayPort to VGA (Mac) Adapters*
    • Mini DVI to VGA (Mac) Adapter*
    • DVI to VGA Adapter*
  • USB Devices:
    • Floppy Drives*
    • Flash Drive (4GB & 2GB) *
    • Memory Card Reader (HC)*
    • Mice*
    • Zip-Drive (100MB or 250MB)*
    • LaCie Slim DVD±RW * 


The InfoCommons and Public Access computers offer a variety of desktop applications. Need something we don't have? Check for software available at other campus labs.

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Laptop Checkout

check available laptops

50 MacBook Pro Dual Boot (OSX or Windows 7) laptops are available for 3 day loan. Each unit comes equipped with basic productivity software.

Check Available Laptops

Checkout Policies

Please see the UW InfoLabs Equipment Checkout System website for a detailed description of campus-wide checkout policies.

  • There is quota of 20 laptop checkouts per patron, per semester
  • You must present your UW ID and another photo ID to checkout a laptop
  • Checkout is limited to 3 days
  • Items are checked out on a first come first serve basis, reservations are not available at Ebling.
  • Laptops must be returned to the Ebling Library Service Desk during regular library hours
  • Overdue fines are $20 per day
  • Patrons are responsible for any loss or damages to the laptop or accessories
  • Laptops cannot be renewed
  • Laptop Checkout Policy Sheet

Equipment Checkout

Video cameras and other equipment is available for 3 day checkout, unless otherwise specified..


  • Panasonic MiniDV with tripod (1)
  • Canon FS31 Digital Camcorders (Tripod checkout available) (4)
  • Canon VIXIA HF11 High Def. Camcorder (Tripod checkout available) (1)


  • Casio XJ-A140 Projectors (2) 1 day checkout

Digital Camera

  • FinePix AX200 12 megapixel (2)

Cassette Players



Laser Pointer

Microphones (USB)

  • Logitech USB Microphones (2)
  • Zoom H2 Portable Recorder Microphones (10)

USB Devices

  • Floppy Drives
  • Flash Drive (4GB & 2GB)
  • Memory Card Reader (HC)
  • Mice*
  • Zip-Drive (100MB or 250MB)
  • LaCie Slim DVD±RW    1 day checkout

Cables & Adapters

  • Network Ethernet Cables
  • 12' VGA/Audio Cables
  • Firewire Cable
  • Palm Hot-Sync cables
  • Power Adapters (Dell PA-10 90W)
  • Power Adapter (Apple MagSafe 60W)
  • Power Outlet Strip (6' cord)
  • Laptop Cable Locks
  • Mini DisplayPort to VGA (Mac) Adapters
  • Mini DVI to VGA (Mac) Adapter
  • DVI to VGA Adapter


Connecting to Wireless at Ebling Library:

Wi-Fi is available throughout the Ebling Library, and Health Sciences Learning Center building. The two available wireless networks are UWNet and eduroam.  These wireless networks should provide you with access to the same databases as the library workstations.

Connecting to UWNet as wireless choice and then opening a browser will prompt the Campus Wireless Options login page within your web browser. To finalize the connection to UWNet wireless requires, either a Guest Access request (public patrons), or UW NetID login.

Connecting to eduroam requires a UW NetID login using the full email address in the username field or similar credentials from a participating (eduroam) institution.

For more detailed information about these wireless choices see the HSLC - Wireless Choices knowledge base page.


Recommendations from the School of Medicine & Public Health

The UW School Of Medicine & Public Health recommends that students acquire a PDA sometime during their second year. Many hospital residents and practicing physicians now use PDAs on a routine basis as an important resource for class schedules, patient care information and for data management and reference.

Recommended Software

Below is a list of recommended software, some of it will be an important part of your clinical years and used frequently, others will be reference, calculators, schedules, etc.

EpocratesRx (Free Version) iPhone/iTouch compatible android
Free mobile drug and formulary reference. Available for iPhone/iPad, and Android.

EpocratesEssentials  iPhone/iTouch compatible android
Integrated drug, disease, and diagnostic suite for mobile devices. Available for iPhone/iPad, and Android.

Essential Evidence Plus for Mobile Devices
A powerful electronic resource packed with all of the medical evidence you need to make critical patient care decisions. Essential Evidence Plus features must-have content, tools, calculators, and daily email alerts for clinicians who deliver first-contact care.

First Consult (MD Consult) iPhone/iTouch compatible
Clinical decision support resource leveraging the evidence based answers & point-of-care
content, found within MD Consult, providing access to leading books, journals, and review articles. Available for iPhone/iPad only.

Micromedex® 2.0 (mobileMicromedex®) iPhone/iTouch compatible android
Access to evidence-based referential content for medication management, disease and condition management, toxicology, and patient education. Available for iPhone/iPad, and Android.

Recommended Devices

iPod Touch (4th gen.)
iPhone 4 (or newer)
iPad (any)

The SMPH recommends and supports iOS ( iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) devices.

Many of the medical programs needed are also available for Google Android, BlackBerry & Windows Mobile platforms.androidblackberrywindows mobile

SMPH Security Guidelines

  • In the interests of adhering to HIPAA rules, if you use your Mobile Device/PDA to keep track of patient information you are expected to password protect the device.
  • Password protection should always be active and set for 5 minutes or less. Your Mobile Device/PDA should be set to turn off automatically within three minutes or less.
  • Synchronization of sensitive Mobile Device/PDA information with home computers. Please be cognizant when synchronizing patient and staff-related data on home computers.
  • Home Cable, DSL, and/or LAN users should have a Firewall security protection installed on their home computers.
  • Home computer users who have sensitive data on their Mobile Device/PDA are responsible for ensuring that the data is secure. Transfer of a home computer or Mobile Device/PDA to another person necessitates erasing of all patient and staff-related data.


Third Floor Printers

Print Cards

  • Printing requires a debit/copy card or a Wiscard Print Account
  • Card vending units are located in the copy centers. Initial card cost is $1.00 ($0.25 for card w/$0.75 toward printing)
  • Money can be added to Wiscard Print Account online

Black/White Printing

  • Rate is $.07 per page.
  • Each computer is connected to a black & white print release station - your print job corresponds to the number on the front of your computer.

Color Printing

  • Rate is $.50 per page.
  • Print jobs are sent to the color print release station which is then taken care from the Service Desk.

Wireless Printing

wireless printing

Getting Started

Mac OS 10.5 mac
Windows Vista windows os
Windows XP windows os
server name
queue name
Service Desk A BW
entry level
Service Desk B B W entry level \\libgoprint.library.wisc.edu EHSL-B-HP4350N libprint\pr1nt.m3
InfoCommons BW entry level \\goprint.doit.wisc.edu B&W_Queue_HSLC labprint\pr1ntStuff
InfoCommons C O L O R entry level \\goprint.doit.wisc.edu Color_Queue_HSLC labprint\pr1ntStuff
3rd Floor BW upper level \\libgoprint.library.wisc.edu EHSL3RD_HP4100N libprint\pr1nt.m3

Medical School Printing

med student printing

This service is only available to the following students:

Medical Students (years 1-4)
Physicians Assistant (years 1-2)
Physical Therapy (years 1-2)

  • You must first set up your account (stop by service desk)
  • Access printing menu from desktop shortcut on InfoCommons workstations (NOT available from public workstations)
  • 500 page quota per fall & spring semesters
  • 250 page quota summer semester


There are four copy centers spread throughout the library. Each copy center is equipped with a copy machine and First Floor Copy Centera scanner.

  • Rate: $.10 per page. You may use a copy/print debit card at any of the copy centers in Ebling. There is one coin operated copier located on each floor of the library.
  • Color Copies: Copy center copiers are b/w only. If you need a specific image from a journal printed in color, ask the staff at the service desk for help. Rate is $.50 per page.
  • Larger formats: If you need to copy onto 11X14 or 11X17 size paper, ask staff for assistance.

Document Scanning

Scan and email articles or pages from books to your email account as a pdf document. This is a free service.

Copy Center Scanners

  • Each of the 4 copy centers in the library is equipped with a scanner (no color in 3110A).

Collaborative (Triplex Desks) Scanners

  • 4 - Epson V500 flat bed scanners.
  • These will scan in color, allow changes in resolution, and save in various file formats (.bmp, .tiff, .jpeg, .pdf, etc.)

Help & Tips

  • Step-by-Step Instructionsare located above each scanner in the copy centers.
  • Use a wisc.edu email account if possible.  Other accounts such as hotmail have storage problems with large PDF files.
  • Break a large number of originals into separate scan jobs so your files are not too large to open.
  • Check your email before you leave to see if the scan is there. Lost scans are NOT recoverable!

Fax Service

Fax Service

Have something to fax? Let us send it for you!

  • There is no charge for the fax transmission service
  • Service is available for sending only
  • We can fax items nationwide only (sorry, no international faxes)
  • Please inquire at the Ebling Library Service desk

Group Study Rooms

reserve a study room

16 rooms located on 3rd Floor are available for group study.

  • 7 of the rooms are available by reservation (5 with LCD screen)
    view room info | reserve a room
  • 9 of the rooms are walk-in availability (5 with LCD screen)

LCD Screen

10 of the group study rooms have a large LCD screen.

  • Check out a 12' A/V cable from the Service Desk to connect a laptop to the screen.
  • Instructions are posted on the wall near the monitor.
group study rooms reserve 3256 reserve 3244 reserve 3234 reserve 3224 reserve 2332 reserve 3367 reserve a group study room

To check availability:

Contact Us

Computer Training Lab (Rm. 2121)

Reserve Computer Training Lab

Questions? Contact Marie Koch (2-5993)

We will respond within 24 hours M-F (weekends and holidays excluded).

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