Liaison Librarians

Ebling’s liaison librarians provide an important communication link between the library and the health sciences community. We work with you to deliver information services in support of teaching, learning, research and practice. Our aim is to directly support your information needs, so that you may focus your energies on your primary professional purposes. Liaisons are available to:

  • Consult with you on your information needs.
  • Develop & conduct instructional sessions and tours for you or your group, at any level and any location.
  • Work with you on research or the publications process.
  • Collaborate with you to build web portals in your discipline or subject area.

For more information, please contact Heidi Marleau at (608) 262-1174.

Department/Center/School Liaison Email
wdt_ID Department/Center/School Liaison Email
1 Allergy, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Clinical Sciences Team PyvavpnyFpvraprfGrnz@ufy.jvfp.rqh
2 American Institute of the History of Pharmacy Micaela Sullivan-Fowler zvpnryn.fhyyvina-sbjyre@jvfp.rqh
3 Analytical Instrumentation Center Paije Wilson cnvwr.jvyfba@jvfp.rqh
5 Anesthesiology Clinical Sciences Team PyvavpnyFpvraprfGrnz@ufy.jvfp.rqh
7 Biomolecular Chemistry Basic Sciences Team OnfvpFpvraprfGrnz@ufy.jvfp.rqh
8 Biostatistics & Medical Informatics Basic Sciences Team OnfvpFpvraprfGrnz@ufy.jvfp.rqh
9 Biotechnology Center Paije Wilson cnvwr.jvyfba@jvfp.rqh
10 Cardiovascular Medicine Clinical Sciences Team PyvavpnyFpvraprfGrnz@ufy.jvfp.rqh
11 Center for Global Health Paije Wilson cnvwr.jvyfba@jvfp.rqh
14 Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention Clinical Sciences Team PyvavpnyFpvraprfGrnz@ufy.jvfp.rqh