Remote Access for Library Electronic Resources and Services

Depending upon your UW-Madison status you may need to have a valid Wiscard in addition to your NetID in order to access electronic resources from off campus and to request article and book delivery services.

Prior to the fall of 2015, UW-Madison affiliates needed only their NetID to use library resources. Now, a Wiscard may need to be obtained from the Wiscard Office at Union South and it needs to be renewed every five years. Before going to the Wiscard Office, contact them to ensure your information is in their database.

If you are off-site, when you point to a licensed resource, you will be prompted to log in with your NetID. See Off-campus Online Access for more information. You may even want to try our remote access bookmarklet.


Citrix users may access library e resources such as e journals and e books by going through U-Connect. The use of the web browser Safari is encouraged for accessing library e resources although you may find Internet Explorer works also.

While UWMF employees may be able to use their Citrix account to access e resources, they are not eligible to request article and book delivery services at this time.  We are exploring how the intergration of the UWMF and UW Health may change this capability.  Please contact Ebling Library at 608-262-2020 or if you need an item and don’t know how to access it.


Wiscard questions? Contact the Wiscard Office at 608-262-3258 or

NetID questions? Contact DoIT at 608-264-HELP or

Citrix questions? Contact UWHC/UWMF Citrix Help at 608-829-5474

Library resource access questions? Contact us at 608-262-2020 or

Page last updated: August 3, 2016
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