Ethical Research Practices

Information and resources for the ethical conduct of research with human subjects including links to required training for investigators at UW-Madison, resources for maintaining confidentiality and privacy of participant information, options for secure data storage, recommendations for plain language, and addressing conflicts of interest in research. Main menu | Comments/Suggestions

Required training for individuals engaged in research with human subjects at UW-Madison CITI Human Subjects Protection training requirements and how to access the training.

Compliance, protocol and safety training for researchers at UW-Madison

Human subjects research protections

Maintaining HIPAA compliance and understanding requirements for deidentifying information UW IRB Identifiability Guide

De-Identifying Protected Health Information

Health Information Privacy

HIPAA Basics

PREP: Professional Research Education Program – In-person and on-demand training for conducting safe and compliant human subjects research at UW-Madison

Data storage and management – How and where to store data securely and information on encrypting data Data security, management and retention: UW-Madison policies to protect the integrity of and access to data

Box: Free online file storage and collaboration

REDCap: Secure, web-based application used for building and managing data collection forms

Requirements for encrypting data

Study protocols – Document that describes the detailed process or plan for conducting a research study Protocol writing in clinical research

Free Global Health Training Centre online course The Study Protocol (you will need to register for a free account)

Maintaining records Participant tracking – How to create a sheet in Excel that tracks participants across the life of a study

Research activity logs and audit trails – Maintaining a record of the steps taken during a research project that includes steps taken during data analysis. These records are necessary for evaluating integrity of the study and to validate findings against the original data.

Academic Research Record-Keeping: Best Practices for Individuals, Group Leaders, and Institutions

Using plain language to improve communication and understanding among research participants and collaborators Top 10 Principles for Plain Language

Plain Language at NIH

Plain Language Association International

Authorship – Whose names should be included and in what order? UW-Madison guidance on Authorship, Publication and Peer Review

International Committee of Medical Journal Editors – Defining the Role of Authors and Contributors

Assistance for researchers conducting research at UW-Madison Research compliance and ethical oversight – Assistance with studies to include application guidance, information for committee members, training requirements, policies, additional research requirements and contact information.

Research policies: Resources related to research compliance, protocol training, and data security and management, including research misconduct, intellectual property

Conflicts of interest Financial conflicts of interest in research