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Resources and training available for writing manuscripts for publication, improving writing style, avoiding plagiarism, and professional guidelines based on type of study. Additional guidance for copyrights and intellectual property. Main menu | Comments/Suggestions


Options for organizing large projects Writing with Scrivener: Software to Keep Your Long Projects Organized

Scrivener vs. Word: Review of What Scrivener Can Do For You

Abstracts Writing Center Workshop: Undergraduate Symposium Abstract Workshop

A “How-To” Guide in Preparing Abstracts and Poster Presentations

How to write a good abstract for a scientific paper or conference presentation

Avoid plagiarism Quoting and paraphrasing

Acknowledging Sources

Creating Tables and Figures in APA Research Papers

Becoming a better writer Writing Center Writer’s Handbook

Writing Center Workshops:

Writing a research or scientific paper USC Libraries Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper

Writing a Research Paper

Formatting Science Reports

Additional guidelines for writing based on the study type STROBE – Observational Studies

STROBE – Cohort Studies

STROBE – Case-Control Studies

STROBE – Cross-sectional Studies

CONSORT – Randomized Trials

Publishing your work What makes a manuscript worthy of publication?

How to evaluate a manuscript for publication

Effective writing and publishing scientific papers series:

Part I: how to get started

Part II: title and abstract

Part III: introduction

Part IV: methods

Part V: results

Part VI: discussion

Part VII: tables and figures

Part VIII: references

Part IX: authorship

Understanding copyrights and intellectual property Intellectual property