Historical Pamphlet Collection

The Historical Pamphlet Collection contains primary resource ephemeral materials such as brochures, reprints, almanacs, and pamphlets. Primarily dating from the late 1800s to late 20th century, these items are arranged in folders and filed alphabetically by subject. Subjects included range from anesthesiology to yellow fever. While some folders contain many pieces, others may only contain a few, or just one.

The Historical Services staff are happy to assist you in locating, retrieving, or photocopying any item of interest.

wdt_ID p_id title Notes See Reference/Also Try
1 4 Academic Medical Centers NULL NULL
2 7 Accreditation NULL NULL
3 9 Acupuncture NULL NULL
4 870 Anesthesia - Discovery/development
- Education
- Ether
- Medical problems
- Nembutal, Nitrous oxide, Tribomethorew
- Women's Health
5 11 Abdomen NULL NULL
6 12 Abnormalities NULL NULL
7 13 Abortion NULL NULL
8 15 Academics and Institutes NULL NULL
9 16 Accidents NULL NULL
10 18 Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) NULL NULL