IME Video Library Keeps Growing

A few years old and improving with age, the Innovations in Medical Education (IME) Video Library has grown to over 450 recordings with topics ranging from women’s health to microbiology and infectious diseases. While its focus is serving the state of Wisconsin medical community, the IME Video Library is open to anyone around the globe interested in learning from its rich offerings.

“I’ve gotten feedback from South Korea and South Africa,” said Michelle Ostmoe, IME Video Library program coordinator for the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

She was moved when she read an e-mail from a woman with HIV in South Africa. The woman wrote to the IME Video Library to thank a doctor for the research that he’s doing.

“It kind of makes you humbled a little bit,” Ostmoe says. “It reminds you why you are doing it. This one speaker talking about his research can reach someone so far away and actually make an impact. That’s powerful stuff.”

The IME Video Library was created with funding from the Wisconsin Partnership Program as part of a five-year project award to support medical education at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. Funding has also been used to support expansion of the Clinical Skills Teaching and Assessment Center (CTAC) and to support curriculum transformation.

Web software gives staff the ability to analyze traffic to the site. Ostmoe says there’s lots of activity with universities across the country linking to the IME Video Library for parts of their students’ assignments.

“Since we launched the public side of the IME Video Library in January 2007, we have had 315,000 visits for an average of 1,200 visits per day,” said Ostmoe.