Global health brownbag today!

Today, Friday, November 5, from 12-1 in HSLC 1345:

From the Bottom Up: Evaluating Pholela Community Health Center as the “Model for the World”

Brown Bag talk by Abigail Neely, PhD Candidate, Dept. of Geography

The NLM exhibit “Against the Odds” (currently on display in the HSLC Atrium) prominently features the Pholela Community Health Centre (PCHC) as a model of social medicine the world over. The PCHC became an exceptional model for similar interventions in places like Calgary, Jerusalem, and Mound Bayou, Mississippi. This deserved history of international influence, however, obscures an equally important local history. This brown bag will offer an alternative narrative of the PCHC “from the bottom up.” A quick overview of the history of the health center will precede a discussion of two of key outreach efforts: the program to reconfigure homesteads to make them healthier and the anti-tuberculosis campaign. Focusing on these two endeavors, one successful and one unsuccessful, will put the Pholela story into the broader context of global health.