Refill Your Water Bottle!

Under the leadership of Ebling Library’s intrepid Rhonda Sager and our services and facility team, we have installed a water bottle refilling station over the conventional water fountain by the 2nd floor restrooms. Ebling’s Director, Julie Schneider noted that she has heard multiple comments from people who were excited about the ability to easily fill their water bottles. After reading this informative article, the refilling station was installed it to help us reduce the number of plastic bottles being thrown into land fills. The station keeps a count of the number of bottles (1 for every 6 oz. filled) so we can easily see its appreciable impact. One health sciences student said, as he unscrewed the top of his water bottle, “I have been waiting for one of these around here, nice job!” Randy Condit, a new Ophthalmology Fellow at UW, was seen sizing up the new equipment and quickly taking advantage of its functionality. “What a great idea,” he exclaimed. Add it to the list of good reasons to visit Ebling!