Please Excuse Our…Noise

Over the next few days and perhaps weeks, a crew of people will be cleaning the windows within the Ebling Library. Please pardon the disruption that such a cleaning might cause. We’ve never counted them, but between the interior atrium windows, the group study windows, the windows on offices, the fact that the Health Sciences Learning Center has windows as an architectural feature and the Reading Room windows- there is a lot of glass to clean. In a building like ours there is very little “down-time” so such projects often happen while students are studying. School of Nursing students, (from front to back), Laura Mannino, Brittany Sellers, and Zoe Schall are proof that ear plugs and camaraderie can still make for a successful study session- even amongst window washers (one is in the upper right of the photo), and the furniture and statuary being moved. Remember, you can reserve quiet group study rooms any time during the semester.