5th Annual Health Sciences Students Art Show

This year’s 5th Annual Health Sciences Students Art show, called “Corpus Callosum” promises to be one of our most versatile and accomplished. Come see the ceramics, sketches, photographs, paintings, prints and woodwork submitted by students from the Schools of Veterinary Medicine, Medicine & Public Health, Nursing and Pharmacy. Some pieces will be available for purchase. Light refreshment and meeting the artists goes from 4:00-6:00 on Thursday, April 7th in the 3rd floor Reading Room and Galleries of Ebling Library. Don’t be the only one who doesn’t see the giant penguin ceramic cookie jar, the stunning panda painting, the evocative photos from Havana and South Africa, the variations on the bovine theme…
the show runs until April 30th, 2011.

Come and meet our 24 artists….

Alex Alvarez, Occupational Therapy
Uba Backonja, PhD Candidate, School of Nursing
Elizabeth Bouche, School of Pharmacy, 2012
Krista Jo Carlson, Veterinary Medicine, 1
Jennifer Douthwaite, Veterinary Medicine, 1
Ed Dunbar, M2
Kelly Egan, M2
Bonnie Garvens, M1`
Patrick Huibregtse, Global Health Certificate Program
Ande Jones, M2
Stella Kim, Occupational Therapy
Francesca Konkle, School of Pharmacy, 2013
Jozef Lazar, M4
Rachel Lenhart, MD/PhD, 3
Kim McBride, Guest artist
Patrick McBride, M.D. Guest artist, SMPH
Sarah Miller, Veterinary Medicine, 2013
Sarah Polenska, Doctor of Physical Therapy, 2013
Cecile Resop, Veterinary Medicine, 3
Kristen Smith, School of Pharmacy, 3
Joshua Steinbart, Veterinary Medicine, 2
Aistis Tumas, M3
Rachel Weigert, M1
Natalie Weisensel, M2

For example:

“Pandas” by Krista Jo Carlson, Vet Med 1, Acrylic on Canvas

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