PubMed, NCBI, EZProxy, and Find It

This summer PubMed (and all sites in the domain, including My NCBI) were removed from the list of proxied resources. There is no need to include NCBI resources in EZProxy because NCBI sites are free to everyone. Users can gain access to licensed content linked from NCBI resources by using the Find It button.

Some users may have old NCBI bookmarks or links with proxied URLs in their browsers or citation managers. If they use an old link, they will receive an error. If they get an error, they can add a new bookmark or correct the error by removing the “” string from the broken link.

For example, this PubMed link will report an error:

This will work:

Alternatively, PubMed users can use this handle:

Please remember that Find It provides links from a citation in a database to the full text of that article, if available, and to other helpful resources and services.
Find It

Contact Andrew Osmond (265-4020) if you have questions.