Exploration and Illustration

Oceanographer Cindy Lee Van Dover was recently on National Geographic’s “Drain the Ocean.” Currently the Director of Duke University’s Marine Laboratory, Cindy was also the pilot of the Alvin submersible when Karen Jacobsen went on multiple voyages to video tape, then illustrate the hydrothermal vents and chemosynthetic ecosystems that serve as homes for creatures few have ever seen. Cindy and Karen will talk at 4:00 about their collaboration.

Please join us to meet and talk to them, see the exhibition of Karen’s watercolors, entitled “Beyond the Edge of the Sea” and visit the historical exhibit currently in the Historical Reading Room, “Seaworthy: A History of Maritime Health and Medicine” which highlights 16th-20th century books, journals and magazines in Ebling’s and other campus collections.

“Seaworthy” is an examination of subjects such as scurvy, the Middle Passage, SCUBA and SeaLab, Caisson disease, horseshoe crabs, the health of emigrants, desalination, and the health of seamen across the ages. Did you know that the decline of the whaling industry affected the corset industry? Did you know that two UW-Madison professors are involved with sea life research? Did you know that Darwin suffered from seasickness?

Friday, November 11th, 2011
3:00-6:00 Open House Reception, Light Refreshment
3rd floor Historical Reading Room and Galleries

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