Graphic Medicine

It’s been over a year since medical Student, Peter Polewski, asked Ebling’s Director, Julie Schneider, if Ebling could obtain some graphic medicine novels for our collection. She obliged then, and has obliged since. All of the books are now in the Popular Reading area (near the magazines) and a red star will be on those with a medical theme. There will also be a list of the titles we currently have, so that you can put a title on HOLD if it has been checked out. Here’s some background from Peter.

It is our hope that you will be able to take a creative break from studying that enhances your learning about illness and medicine.

These titles can be found in the Library Catalog (as part of the Ebling Library Class of ’47 Collection), and you can borrow them or reserve them. If you’d like to comment on this subject you can comment on Ebling’s Facebook page, or comment here. If you’d like to recommend a title, do that here. Thank you, Peter…

Graphic Novel Titles:

Cancer made me a shallower person : a memoir in comics-Miriam Engelberg
Diary drawings: mental illness and me-Bobby Baker
Good Eggs-Phobe Potts
It’s a Bird-Steven T. Seagle
Marbles : mania, depression, Michelangelo, & me: a graphic memoir-Ellen Forney
Monsters-Ken Dahl
Our Cancer Year-Joyce Brabner
Tangles: A story about Alzheimer’s, My mother, and Me-Sarah Leavitt
Stitches – David Small
Epileptic – David B.
Maus I/II – Art Spiegelman
Mom’s Cancer – Brian Fies
Psychiatric Tales – Darryl Cunningham
The Spiral Cage – Al Davison
La Perdida – Jessica Abel
Cancer Vixen – Marissa Marchetto
Acme Novelty Library #18 – Chris Ware
Binky Brown Sampler – Justin Green
The Long Road Home: One Step at a Time – G. B. Trudeau
Blue Pills, a Positive Love Story – Frederick Peeters
Swallow Me Whole – Nate Powell