Please Take This Survey

Special Ebling Listening Session! On Tuesday, July 2nd, from 12:00-1:00 in Room 3330, Rhonda Sager will be hosting graduate students from the Health Sciences Schools who would like to talk about the Library Survey. Come for a chat and light refreshment. Answer questions such as the ones below…

What do you want from the Libraries?

What about the Libraries is most useful to you?

What will the Libraries look like in 10 years?

Come for the session and/or please take this brief survey and tell us: What do you think?

We are working to answer these questions for the UW-Madison Libraries as part of a new strategic planning process. Our goal is to keep UW-Madison Libraries among the best in the world, and to do that, we want to hear from the people who study, research, gather, and work at the Libraries: faculty, staff, students, and community. We need to hear from you.

Your comments are important, and we take them seriously. That is why we are working to reach out to you with listening sessions, focus groups, and online surveys like this one. Your input will make a difference.