Crank it up (or down).

Ebling Library listened to your requests and installed 4 tall, adjustable work tables for patrons to use.

They are peppered throughout the 2nd and 3rd floors of Ebling; one by the elevator on the 3rd floor, one in the 3rd floor quiet study area on the south side by the UW Hospital, one in the 3rd floor quiet study area looking at the new School of Nursing, and one on the second floor, back in the corner by the BIG iMacs.

An initial request from medical student James Bernatz and our staff’s knowledge of current research that suggests that sitting for long periods of time is not good for posture, circulation, etc., prompted us to offer something besides the variety of traditional tables for groups, individual (short) tables and counter space. We tried one tall table with a sign on it suggesting that users let us know how they felt about the tables.

We were relatively deluged by responses, applauding us for the table, suggesting we get more tables, telling us they felt physically better because of the standing table choice, etc. So, try them out (they have a hand crank that you can use to alter the height), if you’ve not already, and let us know what you think. Send us a note about this or any other spatial idea you may have to

Some examples from your classmates…

I just wanted to let you know that I love standing workstation at Ebling library, and would like to see more of it! Now I only see it on the third flood and it would be nice to have another on the second floor as well 🙂 It really helps attenuating my neck pain.

I am a first year medical school student, and I want to express my appreciation for the standing workstation in Ebling Library. I enjoy having the option of standing when so much of the day consists of sitting. It has greatly improved some of the back pain I was experiencing during the first semester, and I would highly recommend that more students use a standing desk. Thank you for this option! I hope to see more.

Yes, I love the adjustable work station. This library serves The School of Medicine and Public Health (and School of Pharmacy, School of Nursing, etc.) — let’s act like it! The single-most unhealthy aspect of my life is sitting for long hours each day, yet I have no choice because I need to study to reach my goals. These desks eliminate the sitting from the equation!

I do want more. Oftentimes this desk is taken bc there are so few.

I really like newly installed adjustable desk at the library and like to have more. It would be great if you can place those desks where they have enough lights either facing or not facing the wall. Also, it’ll be nice if you can install coat/bag hangers near the desk for obvious reasons.

Can’t say enough how much I appreciate the standing table that you have on the second floor of the ebling library. I would love to see more of them. …it would be great to have a few more placed along the windows on the second floor of the library as I know several of my friends like to use the adjustable standing tables too.

The standing work state is awesome!! I love it, it gets so hard (on my back) to sit at a table all the time for studying. You should definitely get more I have waited to try and use this because so many people are always using them…


Students now have options at Ebling Library. Standing, sitting, lounging (couches, out of camera range)…for all their study needs.
Photo by Amanda Lambert