TEDMED Talks a Success

The TEDMED talks were live streamed from Palm Springs, California from Wednesday, November 18th to Friday, November 20th. During that time we had about 40-50 health sciences students, clinicians, faculty, support staff, librarians and practitioners sit and listen to the provocative, informative talks from speakers who hailed from countless other academic and research institutes.
There were presentations on the success of using art therapy with veterans with PTSD, talks on how to get healthful, inexpensive food into urban food deserts, talks about drug interactions, insights into communicating with Alzheimer’s patients, talks about “tattoos” that can monitor a pregnant woman in lieu of bed rest and abdominal bands…and the like.

Two of the sessions, “Catalyzing Great Science” and “Techno-Utopia” were moderated by UW Hospital’s Carla Pugh, M.D. (seen in the photo). She did a wonderful job of summarizing what the speaker’s main point was and posited how her lab and other UW entities could affect change in their own labs and in their own research. The TEDMED talks will be archived and can eventually viewed (currently you can view the 2013 and 2014 talks). Participants like UW’s Melissa Stiles, M.D., and Pat Remington, M.D. thought people might be interested in showing various talks from the last 3 years, and having conversations about the applications to our own work. Stay tuned…perhaps we will use the talks as a springboard to other events!