Late Spring at Ebling

It will get rather quiet around Ebling, with the bulk of the students gone for the pending summer. That doesn’t mean that we are any less involved with resources, one-on-one instruction, equipment loans, the Transformation Project on the 3rd floor, or helping our various constituents from the Schools of Pharmacy, Medicine & Public Health and Nursing, the UW Hospital and Clinics, Waisman, WIMR, ICTR and the like. There are also lots of people studying for the boards, and patrons working on grant based projects. We will be offering Workshops beginning in June about citation managers and Current Awareness, so look here for those announcements. In the meantime, if you need help with EndNote, need to formalize a data management project, need to borrow a laptop, need something from the Historical Collections (1492-1923!), need to ask about the group study rooms- in short, anything about Ebling’s resources or its environment, please let us know.

spring2 Photo by M. Sullivan-Fowler