A Bit of a Respite: Room 2320

It’s that time of year again: snow falls, temperatures drop, holidays beckon, and finals interfere with your social schedule.

Ebling staff would like to help you manage the stress of those pending finals.

In addition to the usual quiet and general study spaces, blankets, stuffed animals and comfortable furniture, we are providing a room devoted to de-stressing.

In room 2320 from M-F 12/5-12/9 and M-F 12/12-12/16 students can find coloring sheets, pens and pencils, puzzles and a chess board to incorporate into your break from studying.

As always, treats will be on the front table by Ebling’s entrance and you can use a group study room or reserve a group study room (where there won’t be any coloring diversions) by clicking here.

Let us know if you need anything. Good luck on finals and happy holidays!

Photo of Physical Therapy student, Laura, with…the study moose.