Polar Vortex Fallout

Like its students, staff and faculty, UW’s buildings are susceptible to all sorts of weather related concerns. While we all stayed home, or stayed hunkered down, the Health Sciences Learning Center and its Ebling Library had to weather the cold, unaided by thermal blankets, hot toddies and warming fireplaces.

So, when students reviewing for the Boards, Alekses, Alex, Alan and Tess returned to study, the Historical Reading Room was a slightly brisk 59 degrees. The blankets, librarian provided hot cider, and cookies ameliorated the discomfort a bit, but building services was alerted, and, is “working on it.” If ever YOU are uncomfortable with the environment in Ebling, do let us know. We are not only here to help with databases, books, and laptops, but when able, warm beverages.