Welcome Here or Welcome Back

Whether this is your first time at Ebling Library on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Health Sciences Leaning Center (HSLC), or whether you are returning after a hopefully restorative summer, all you need to know is that we are here for you. Ebling staff aims to make you optimally productive in our comfortable, accommodating environment. We have knowledgeable librarians, endlessly helpful staff, countless services, amazing online and print resources, database instruction, cozy chairs, multiple seating areas, great views, and occasionally snacks at the front entrance. Ebling’s main floor is probably best suited for computer use, individual seating in the recreational reading area (being revamped) and large table seating. It can get a bit loud at times, so let the staff at the desk know if it is TOO noisy. Also think about coming up to the 3rd floor for a generally quieter computer use area and lots of individual (with views) seating.

Friendly warning: the 3rd floor is a multi-use area, with the Interactive Learning Centers, Kitchen Pantry, Standardized Patient Instruction and group study rooms often hosting large groups of people that tend to forget that the Library is full of people studying. We will soon be adding a door to the walkway on the 3rd floor, to try to muffle the sound that often travels across the walkway and into the 3rd floor study area.

In the meantime, an additional haven on the 3rd floor is the Historical Reading Room (HRR). It currently houses the Staggering Losses: WW1 & the Influenza Pandemic of 1918 exhibition. The HRR has big tables, good task lighting, comfy couches and room to stretch for those who like truly quiet study. The room is sometimes reserved for events, which is noted on signs at the room’s two entrances.

What else? Let us know if there is something that needs improving or something you appreciate in your home away from home. Welcome, we’re glad you’re here.