A Digital Version of the Current (and historical) New York Times!

As a public historian I might argue that there were many other times in the past that people thought were the most problematic, dark, provocative, unsettling, inflammatory, challenging times ever! Then, there are those that believe that we experiencing such times today…and what better time to have access to a digital version of the long standing (in print since the mid 1800s), always informational, even hopeful, New York Times.

Alternate voices abound in the newspaper world, but in a bi-partisan stance I will suggest that at its best a newspaper story elicits responses that, especially in an academic community,  provide fodder for discussion and debate. The digital copy of the NYT, back to 1851, offers substance for just such dialog.

Find the link here: https://digital.library.wisc.edu/1711.web/nytimes

It will ask you to Create an Account. 1) Fill in your campus email address. 2) Choose Log In Without a Password 3) It will send you a notice that you are signed in for a time period. Subsequently you can go into Your Account and change the password. The password change is a bit convoluted, feel free to contact us if there are issues.

Please note that UW-Madison Libraries has provided this subscription, which is a Group Basic Access, meaning, it does not include features like the Cooking section or the addictive Crossword puzzle (or games). For those, one must still have an individual subscription.

So grab that cup or tea or coffee, from campus or from remote work-at-home…and revel in the content.