New Resources on Ebling’s REACH (DEI) Resource Guide

Prompted by a patron’s question on professional  guidelines for inclusive language/communication routes regarding specific populations, Ebling librarian Lia Vellardita identified three great resources, especially for practitioners and researchers involved with often underserved, marginalized community members. Below are the three guides.

CDC’s Gateway to Health Communication page has a guide called Health Equity Guiding Principles for Inclusive Communication:

APA’s (American Psychological Association): Inclusive Language Guidelines:

AMA’s (American Medical Association) Advancing Health Equity: A Guide to Language, Narrative, and Concepts

And, as a reminder, Ebling’s REACH Resource Guide, which now includes those three resources, has a wealth of book titles, toolkits, articles and links to resources relative to diversity, equity and inclusion in the student body, the academic landscape and in the patient community. Let us know if there is a resource that should be included.