A Treasure Trove of Extraordinary Clinical/Research/Narrative Material at your Fingertips!

The Ebling Library has acquired online access to the New England Journal of Medicine archive. UW-Madison users can now view all volumes of NEJM published since the inaugural 1812 issue. The acquisition of the archive adds over 150,000 articles from 8,657 issues published from 1812 to 1989, completing online access to the full run of NEJM from 1812 to present.

NEJM is often vital resource for physicians, nurses, educators, research scientists, residents, and students. Access to the complete archive will allow user to find the foundations of current surgical techniques, the evolution of modern treatments, the establishment of cultural and social aspects of public health and more. For the literary as well as the scientists amongst us there is an endless supply of topics that will resonate in similar or different ways than during their contemporary publication…give it a try.