Tiny Art for the Science/Genetic/Biochemical Geek in All of Us

Some of the world’s smallest art (but printed and framed in large format!) is on display in the Ebling’s 3rd floor galleries. Nearly 50 images and a number of models feature cells, molecules and nanoscale structures generated by UW-Madison scientists over the last 10 years. The magnified images include mice and fruit-fly embryos, butterfly and plants cells, and amazing, colorful corn kernels. Research specialist Steve Paddock of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute helped produce the collection. He says that researchers colored some images, which serves to highlight different genes within the photographs. The collection comes to Ebling from Tandem Press. Tandem’s Director, Paul Panczenko originated the exhibit at the Dane County Airport.

We are very excited to be able to share it on the campus’s West side!
Researchers, students, and youngsters are all welcome to this public exhibition. The exhibit is open until April 1, 2011