Asperger’s, Drunk Driving…

Now that we have your attention…in conjunction with the UBS Bookstore and the School of Medicine & Public Health, Ebling Library would like to invite you to the free spring series of Authors @ HSLC. We are excited about the line-up and hope that you will join us for a brown bag with these thought provoking authors. A book-signing will follow each presentation. For additional details, please contact Dan Marleau:

February 23 – Noon – 1 pm – 1325 HSLC
The Journal of Best Practices: A Memoir of Marriage, Asperger Syndrome, and One Man’s Quest to Be a Better Husband (Scribner)
David Finch
Five years after he married Kristen, the love of his life, they learn that he has Asperger syndrome. The diagnosis explains David’s ever-growing list of quirks and compulsions, his lifelong propensity to quack and otherwise melt down in social exchanges, and his clinical-strength inflexibility. Filled with humor and surprising wisdom, The Journal of Best Practices is a candid story of ruthless self-improvement, a unique window into living with an autism-spectrum condition, and proof that a true heart can conquer all.

March 8 – Noon – 1 pm – 1325 HSLC
Great Health Care (Springer)
Timothy Harrington, MD
Great Health Care is enlightening and entertaining. It’s a must read for physicians, patients, health policymakers and administrators, and the interested public—anyone who wants to understand what great health care is, and how we might build it together. The authors share their stories and motivations and the methods they have used to transform care for their own patients within their own practices and health systems. They thoughtfully explore how we got into this mess, how we can get out of it, and the barriers to making it happen.

April 19 – Noon – 1 pm – Location TBD
One for the Road – Drunk Driving Since 1900 ( Johns Hopkins Univ Press)
Barron Lerner, MD
Barron H. Lerner narrates the two strong—and vocal—sides to this debate in the United States: those who argue vehemently against drunk driving, and those who believe the problem is exaggerated and overregulated. A public health professor and historian of medicine, Lerner asks why these opposing views exist, examining drunk driving in the context of American beliefs about alcoholism, driving, individualism, and civil liberties.

April 23 – Noon – 1 pm – Location TBD
The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science and Reality (Wiley)
Chris Mooney
The psychology and neuroscience of why Democrats and Republicans are different and how this explains the denial of reality, scientific and otherwise, on the right, and why there is less of it on the left.