Your Home Away From Home

Ebling Library is your home away from home while studying for finals. Bring your covered drinks, reasonable snacks (small amount of stir fry, yes; entire pizza, no), highlighters, laptops, etc., and make yourself comfortable with a window view on the second floor, and quieter space on the 3rd floor. The 3rd floor Reading Room has communal tables in a quiet space. The south side journal area has couches, carrels and communal tables in a quiet zone.

Group study rooms can be reserved during the finals schedule. Lap tops and other equipment can be checked out based on availability. Our staff can help with nearly any request, including enforcing the quiet (we don’t like to reinforce the librarian stereotype, but we can remind patrons to keep their voices down). For assistance, contact Joe King, or call 608 262-2020.

Good luck on finals. Enjoy your summer…See you in the fall (or, best wishes on your future endeavors). For a “head’s up” when there are snacks by the entrance of Ebling during finals, friend us on Facebook….

Photo of Amalia Londono (sitting on the windowsill) and Sneha Shrestha taken by Micaela Sullivan-Fowler. Stir fry by Sneha’s mother. Both are studying for their boards. “This is the best library” said Amalia. We agree.