Look What Your Classmates Created…

Ebling Library hosts the 8th annual Health Sciences Student Art exhibit from April 10th to May 9th, 2014. The Opening Reception will be from 4:00-6:00 on Thursday, April 10th. Bring yourself, friends and family to ooo and ahhhh at the artwork these talented students have created.

Students from the School of Occupational Therapy, Veterinary Medicine, School of Pharmacy and School of Medicine & Public Health, have submitted photographs, ceramic work, paintings, prints, and stained glass for this year’s show. Some of the pieces are also for sale. Join us for this evocative installation.

This year’s artists.. Theo Howard, Beth Magnan, Trista Stankowski-Drengler, Brad Hobart, Raisa McArtor, Anthony Wheeler, Kathryn Berndtson, Jordan Peschek, Michelle Katz, Trisha Pedone, Andrea Jones, Greg Farver, Nathan Zapolsky, Kathryn Pearcy, Sabrina Hilton, Krista Jo Carlson, Kelly Schultz, and Elizabeth Abbs.

“Baldwin,” by Brad Hobart, SOP, Acrylic & Gloss

“The Bike Path,” by Jordan Peschek, pre-SON, Permanent marker

“Rose et Noir,” by Anthony M. Wheeler, 1st. yr. Med., Acrylic

“Portrait of Jack the Police Horse in Front of the Sacred Feather,” by Theo Howard, Occupational Therapy-Acrylic on paper

Artists hold the copyright to images of the artwork. Photos by MS-F. Questions: Micaela Sullivan-Fowler, msullivan@library.wisc.edu 608 262-2402.