Come See This Exhibit!

The world of transplanted New York artist, Michael Ward, begins with black & white and ends with color, lots of color. In Obsurd: Abstract Urban Art, Michael gives us collaged illustrations full of multiple abstract images, some revealing themselves after two or three views. There are faces within faces, dogs with flippers, beasts and aliens, lizard and spaceships, morphed elephants, lots of cars and rockets. Graffiti-like in its vibrancy, Picasso-like in it abstractions; for all the edges and borders, the characters feel fluid and vibrant, accommodating and inviting.

I wish you could hear Michael talk about each piece; the music, relationships, symbolism, and history that influences his artwork and has brought him to this point in his creative landscape. Due to a traumatic brain injury resulting from a car accident when he was being driven home from the hospital, immediately after birth, Michael has been classified as having Cerebral Palsy but sees this as a challenge and not a disability. His artwork has transcended the difficulties in his life, and his greatest talent may be the sharing of his story through Obsurd illustrations.

Please join us for the Obsurd’s Opening Reception-Public is Welcome
Thursday, July 10th
4:00-6:00 pm.
Ebling Library, 3rd floor Reading Room & Galleries

If unable to make it to the reception, the exhibit (open when Ebling is open) runs until Friday, September 12th, 2014.


Questions about the event or the show: contact Micaela Sullivan-Fowler 608 658-8821

Detail from Fire Quest
Felt tip marker & ink

Michael is featured in the July 10th Capital City Hues- look for it on local news stands.