“Your Best Show Ever”

Whether you are in the neighborhood for a conference, working on a grant proposal, or studying for finals- the 3rd floor of Ebling has a wonderful distraction for you. Our current art exhibit, “Off the Clock,” features work by staff, employees and faculty of the health sciences departments and schools. Hospital cafeteria personnel, surgeons, administrative staff, pathologists, library staff, and standardized patients shared their paintings, photographs, jewelry, quilts, mobiles, watercolors, ceramics…(you get the idea) with very appreciative building regulars.

“This makes it so much…homeier, or well, more interesting to see all this art,” said one student. Another adding, “some of us sit here for hours, when I take a break, it’s nice to look at one section, or another- I see something new every time.” So, come up to the 3rd floor of Ebling. See “Morty Stares,” marvel at the Norwegian Rosemaling, enjoy “Couch Surfing,” study the beaded “Paramisium Cium,” find…the fox(es).

Here’s a little more information, thank you for the story, UW Librairies!

Many of the pieces are for sale, some of the proceeds going to charity.

“Off the Clock” goes through Sunday, January 11th and is open when Ebling is open. Questions or to purchase items, please contact Micaela Sullivan-Fowler, msullivan@library.wisc.edu

On the cover photo: Julie, oil on canvas by Peter Lipton, Paramecium Cium, bead work by Victoria Thompson, digital photograph by Lisa McQueen, and Olomana Kaneohe, film photography by John Fleming, M.D.