UW Science Expeditions March 22nd in the HSLC Atrium

Are you a life long learner? Have children or out-of-town guests? Perhaps you have a neighbor kid who is interested in the sciences and health sciences- in any case, the 13th Annual UW Science Expeditions is for you. The Health Science Learning Center (HSLC) will have 30 Exploration Stations in their atrium highlighting the research being done at UW. The HSLC event on Sunday, March 22nd starts at 10:00 and ends at 2:00.

Highlights include a station on how vision works from the McPherson Eye Research Institute, a UW Hospital station on colon diagnosis, a School of Pharmacy offering on childhood asthma and UW anesthesiologists demonstrating anesthetic delivery techniques.

Ebling Library will have a station for those seeking online health resources, Ande Jones, M.D., will have the popular Ask-a-Doc station, and there will be scheduled tours of the UW Hospital’s Clinical Simulation Program.

The Waisman Center has a station on childhood emotions, and you can handle a brain, learn about stem cell research, and talk to graduate students, fellows and researchers about ECG’s, swallowing reflexes, cancer cells and more. The UW Science Expeditions starts on Friday, the 20th on campus, goes through Saturday at the WID and other venues, and ends on Sunday at the HSLC.

We are especially excited this year to offer 6 additional Exploration Stations and tours at the new School of Nursing- just across the street from the HSLC. Do come join us, there is so much to learn.

Here is Parking information. Questions? msullivan@library.wisc.edu